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Subdivisions: A Few Questions to Ask

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Buying in a subdivision is a lot like buying any other property: there are a ton of details. But there are also quite a few extra details to consider. You could live your entire life in a subdivision and never know (or even think to ask) about the wastewater processes of the neighborhood. However, there are some things that may impact day to day use of the property. So, before you start warming up those crock pot meatballs for neighborhood poker night (is there anything better in the world?), here are a few questions to ask about when buying a home in that spiffy new subdivision:

  • Is the road public or private?

  • Does the property abut conservation land? Are there parts of the yard that can’t be altered?

  • Do I really want to play cards with a guy who has an old Mustang AND a motorcycle in the garage?

  • Is there a limitation on the use of certain chemicals on the driveway or yard?

  • Is the property located in a Water Resource Protection District?

  • Will you ever be able to add a bedroom? How about any other restrictions?

  • Is your house going to get egged if you skip mowing your lawn one week?

  • Is development in the subdivision done, or will you be seeing a steady stream of construction equipment coming and going every day for the next 3 years?

Again, these are things that developers, realtors, and real estate attorneys deal with all the time. You wouldn’t know to ask them; that’s why I’m here. That’s why you’re reading this. If you’re buying a home in a subdivision, it’s okay, call me.

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