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Seller's Attorney Services & Resources

Selling your home is an exciting time, and usually means you're moving on to a new chapter or adventure. Ensure your home sale goes as smooth as possible by reviewing a few tips (like resolving any title issues) that will make you a selling pro.

What Paperwork do you need when selling your home?

Before you go packing away your entire life, consider the paperwork you'll need for the sale of your home.

Download this free checklist to make sure you're keeping the right documents handy.

Selling Tips & Tricks

There's a lot that goes into the sale of your home, and it's ok to have questions. These blogs and videos are shared in hopes that they help make the process of selling your home feel a lot less intimidating.

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How long does a home sale take?

This is one example of a timeline for your home sale. In the current market, closings are taking a bit longer and this assumes a 60-day close. Every deal is unique, though, so if you have specific questions about what to expect from your own transaction, feel free to reach out.

Accepted Offer

After your listing agent presents all of the submitted offers to you, you decide if you would like to move forward with any of them and, if so, you officially accept that offer.

Day 1

Home Inspection

Within 7-10 days from when the offer is accepted, your buyers will typically conduct an inspection of the home. It's not easy to do, but learn not to take this process personally! This is a great time to check in with your lawyer and hire movers. 

Days 8 - 11

Purchase & Sale Agreement

1 - 2 days after the inspection is complete and all details of the sale are hashed out, you'll sign the P&S agreement. Start looking for MORE boxes as you sift through all of your things and wonder why you still have them. Also, send your mortgage payoff information to your closing attorney and set up a time with to sign your deed and power of attorney so that they can attend the closing on your behalf. Also, make sure you have a smoke certificate and get all your final readings. 

Days 12 - 13

Buyer Financing Contingency

This period, which is typically 4-5 weeks from when P&S is signed, gives the buyer time to obtain the financing they need in order to purchase the property.

Days 43-50


Remove all of your personal property from the house (with the exception of anything agreed upon to be left behind) and leave it in "broom-swept" condition.

Days 53-56


Typically 7-10 days from the time your buyer receives their mortgage commitment, closing will occur. Once all of your documents are signed and registered with the Registry of Deeds, money will exchange hands and your sale will be complete.

Days 57-60

Timeline in Days

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What fees do sellers pay when selling a house?

There are plenty of fees associated with selling your home, and the last thing you want to do is be surprised when you get to the closing table. Try my easy-to-use fee calculator to get a clear idea of the costs you're likely to see for settlement and title clearing.

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