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But What About The Paint Cans?

Paint… Paint… Paint

More than once, I’ve wondered how paint color names are developed. Throughout my life, I’ve ripped through gallons of Celestial Blue, Balboa Mist, and Carrington Beige. More than anything I’d love to see color names that reflect the painter’s state of mind. I’d love to see Because I Can Purple, Teen Angst Black, or Time to Sell White.

In any case, we can agree on two things, 1) paint taste is personal 2) unwanted, half used paint cans are a task to throw away.

Here’s a quick guide of some such nonsense: How To Store and Dispose of Paint Properly

Which brings me to my point. In every contract, the property is to be left in “Broom Swept” condition. Meaning a removal of all seller personal items, not connected to the property, unless indicated otherwise.