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What makes for a great home sale? Let's ask AI

When it comes to a great sale for a home seller, what does that really entail? I recently decided to have some fun with AI tool ChatGPT and ask it to rework some thoughts I have about what sellers are really looking for.

Mike Baird

Sellers seek a profitable and efficient home sale. They desire a quick transaction at a high price

while maintaining fair negotiations and minimal stress. Sellers want a smooth process, with buyers who are financially secure and committed. Meeting personal timelines and goals is essential, along with ensuring legal compliance. Additionally, they hope for a respectful transition to new owners who will cherish their former property. In summary, sellers want a lucrative, stress-free, and timely home sale that respects their individual circumstances and maximizes their investment.

Retell as Viking folklore


In the realm of Viking lore, sellers yearn for a prosperous and swift home sale saga. Their deepest desire is to secure a bountiful treasure for their homestead, selling it swiftly to a worthy buyer. Fair negotiations, guided by the wisdom of Odin, are paramount to these sellers, ensuring neither party feels wronged. The process must flow like a swift Viking longship, free from stormy seas and turmoil. Sellers long for a seamless transition, with the new owners showing due respect to the land and its ancestral spirits. Above all, they pray to the Norse gods for a saga that respects their sacred timelines, steering clear of legal strife and fulfilling their destiny as Viking homeowners.

Mike Baird

Retell in iambic pentameter


Sellers seek a deal both swift and quite grand,

To sell their homes for profit, as they've planned.

They long for smooth negotiations fair,

No stress or hassle in the seller's lair.

Efficiency's their wish, a timely close,

No setbacks or disruptions to impose.

Respect they seek, for memories held dear,

In hopes the new owner will hold it near.

Compliance, too, with laws and rules in place,

To steer the ship of sale with steady grace.

In summary, their wish is plain to see, A prosperous sale, aligned, worry-free.

Mike Baird

Retell in a single word



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