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Kellem and Kellem, LLC

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It's Time to Step Up Your Game

The ultimate goal for a real estate agent or broker is to get referrals. This means leaving such a positive impact on your clients that they talk about you at Thanksgiving. So... let's get you talked about over some turkey and stuffing.


Help your client buy or sell with ease with these helpful resources

1. Closing Cost Calculator

Take the guesswork out of the closing table with this easy to use closing cost calculator for buyers.

2. Fees Calculator for Sellers

Help your clients plan ahead for the costs closing and transfer fees with my Title Service & Closing Fees Calculator.

3. Real Estate Law Terms

Give your clients the confidence they need to maneuver through the buying or selling process.

4. Why Hire an Attorney?

A common question for sellers: Why should they hire a real estate attorney? This resource makes it easier.

5. Buyer's Resources

Whether you have first-time or tenth-time buyers, they're still likely to have some questions.

6. Seller's Resources

A collection of posts, downloads and resources for any seller looking to make the process smoother.

Agent Tips & Tricks

Your clients likely have questions about the buying and selling process. Luckily, as an attorney, I've got answers. These blogs and videos are designed to help your clients (and you) maneuver through this crazy journey a little bit easier.

Image by Lindsay

Real Estate Resources for Agents Looking for a Leg Up

My goal is to make you look good

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